【Resources Policy】Economic resilience assessment and policy interaction of coal resource oriented cities for the low carbon economy based on AI
发布时间:2023-03-31     字号: [小] [中] [大]

Yue Deng ? Wanyi Jiang ? Zeyu Wang

Abstract:This study aims to evaluate the economic growth of coal-resource-oriented cities under Low-Carbon (LC) economic growth. The public participation mechanisms are promoted, and the vitality of the economic market of resource-oriented cities is enhanced by increasing the intervention of government policies. Firstly, the context of the coal-resource-oriented cities and LC economy are analysed. Secondly, an economic resilience assessment system for coal-resource-oriented cities is established, characterized by traditional and high-tech industries through the analysis of the condition of resource-oriented cities. Finally, in the process of optimizing and managing the economic structure, the assessment of the LC evolution path of resource-oriented cities is strengthened through the extensive participation of the general public. The results show that the economic resilience level of coal-resource-oriented and traditional cities fluctuates and increases from 2011 to 2021. In 2011, the economic resilience index of traditional cities and coal-resource-oriented cities was 0.11and 0.22. By 2021, traditional cities’ and coal-resource-oriented cities’ economic resilience assessment stability was 0.527 and 0.562. This study has pivotal reference value for promoting urban resource management and economic efficiency.



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